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The Elizabeth Keating Education Program at the Drake House Museum 

The Age of Washington at Drake House

The Education Department invites elementary and middle school teachers to join us for a tour of Drake House as we explore history during the colonial and revolutionary eras in Plainfield and the Mid-Atlantic colonies. A curriculum folder entitled "Mining History: The Age of Washington at Drake House" is available for teachers grades 4-8.

This packet folder includes:

Historic House Museums & You

        Genealogy at Drake House: 5 Activities

        A Landmark Project: Buildings & their Meanings

        A Letter from Polly Bergen

        Drake House Question & Answer

        A Colonial Source List

        Timeline: From the Colonial Era to the Age of Washington

        A Sampler of Union County Historic Sites


Craft Wednesday in August for Kids!
(8/7, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28)
10:00 - 11:30 am
2:30 - 4:00 pm
Beginning Wednesday, August 7th, and continuing through the rest of August, the Historical Society of Plainfield will host "Craft Wednesday for Kids."  Children who attend Craft Wednesday will receive a tour of the Drake House Museum and will participate in recreating colonial toys such as cup and ball, whirligigs, and game boards for Fox and Geese and Nine Men's Morrice.  Craft Day hours are 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each Wednesday in August.  Advance reservations are required.  The cost is $25.00 for groups of up to 12 children (maximum), which includes the tour and all craft materials.

New Jersey History Day 2003
The Historical Society of Plainfield (HSP) will be available as a resource to Plainfield school children who participate in 2003 New Jersey History Day, the theme of which is "Rights and Responsibilities in History."  This year's theme specifically addresses New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies--Standard 6.1--All students will learn democratic citizenship and how to participate in the constitutional system of government of the United States.
New Jersey has opened up this traditionally middle and high school event to fourth and fifth grade participation, thereby enabling children studying local history to compete.  New Jersey History Day projects can be varied--research papers, art-based projects such as dioramas and timelines, video documentaries, reenactments, maps, and historical journals.  
The HSP is creating a workbook entitled The Historical Society of Plainfield Student Research Workbook, which will assist students who enter the competition by providing sample topics for presentation, suggestions for brainstorming and focusing research ideas, a resource guide (both print and web-based), and a timeline for completing the projects.  The workbook will also be available in Spanish, in large-print type, and an audio version will be available for vision-impaired students. 
Please contact the Education Department for further details!

Please call the Educational Program Coordinator at
(908) 755-5831 to make an appointment.
The Elizabeth Keating Education Program has been made possible in part by funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a Division of Cultural Affairs in the Department of State, through a grant administered by the Union County Division of Cultural and Heritage Affairs, as well as the Plainfield Foundation.